Maryam Daryalal

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I am a PhD candidate and a Connaught Scholar in Operations Research at University of Toronto, working under supervision of Dr. Merve Bodur. The focus of my research is to expand upon the methodological aspects of sequential decision-making under uncertainty and its applications. To this aim, I develop novel techniques to obtain policies and bounds on multistage stochastic and robust optimization problems, relying on the design of new primal and dual decision rules. Moreover, I explore the effectiveness of these new methods in various application areas, specifically telecommunications, healthcare and supply chain planning.

I am on the 2021 - 2022 academic job market.


Upcoming & Recent Talks


2022 CORS/INFORMS International Conference


June 5-8, 2022

I am chairing the session "New Methodologies and Applications in Multistage Adaptive Robust Optimization" at this year's CORS/INFORMS International Conference. Join us for fantastic talks presented by experts of the field!


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